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Nigerian separatist Leader Sunday Igboho Released In Benin

According to his spokesperson, the authorities in Benin have released Nigerian separatist leader Sunday “Igboho” Adeyemo.

He was released on medical grounds in Cotonou on Monday, but he must remain in Benin for security concerns.

On Nigeria’s request, Mr Adeyemo and his wife were arrested at Cotonou airport in July 2021, however his wife was released a few days later.

According to reports, the couple is on their way to Germany, where his wife is a citizen.

He was accused of unlawfully entering Benin and plotting unrest, but he disputed the claims.

Nigerian authorities never issued a formal request for extradition.

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Mr Adeyemo was released to Banji Akintoye, the leader of the umbrella organisation of Yoruba Self-determination Groups, according to his spokesman Maxwell Adeleye.

He informed newsmen that the separatist leader would not be appearing in court in Benin since he didn’t have a case to answer.

Mr Adeyemo is accused by Nigeria of stockpiling weapons, pushing for the country’s disintegration, and instigating ethnic massacres.

Following his call for a Yoruba nation in the country’s south west, Mr Adeyemo has been lauded as a hero by his fans.

He fled the nation after two of his companions were assassinated in a raid on his residence by Nigeria’s secret police in July 2021.


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